Jessica Habie is a director, NYU Tisch graduate and founder of Eyes Infinite Films. In 2003, she released Another World is Happening and The Art of Love and Struggle. The 2008 Tribeca Film Festival awarded Jessica Best Documentary Short for Mandatory Service, which shows “the perspective of war and conflict from the participants themselves.”

With her doucumentary projects Art and Apathy and Beyond Blue and Gray, produced with her creative partner Nirah Shirazipour, Eyes Infinite Films was awarded prizes at the Cannes Short Film Corner, the Berlinale Talent Campus, and the Moondance Film Festival. The films screened at several films festivals, universites, and community centers around the world helping to shine light on a few of the many untold narratives from the Israeli Palestinian Conflict.

In 2009 Jessica began writing her first narrative film Mars at Sunrise  which was produced in Nazareth in 2011. The film stars golden globe winning actor Ali Suliman and introduces Guy El Hanan. The film also features  original poetry by Haale Gafori and a soundtrack in six languages (English, Hebrew, Russian, Yiddish, Farsi and Arabic) produced by Tamir Muskat of the Balkan Beat Box, and featuring original music by Itamar Ziegler and Mohsen Subhi.

The film opens February 7, 2014 at Quad Cinemas in New York City. Proceeds for the film will go to the newly created Fajr Falestine Film Fund and will support the production of experimental and otherwise genre defiant works of cinema from the Palestinian Diaspora.

Nirah Elyza Shirazipour is a cultural anthropologist, permaculture designer, community organizer and activist, creative writer, musician, and filmmaker.

She is the producer of Eyes Infinite Films, a non profit organization and grassroots film company, and has created several films that explore the relationship between the militarization of culture and its impact on creative minds, specifically in the region of Israel and Palestine.

Nirah was one of the core organizers of the Eyes Wide Open Artistic Peace Movement, a hip hop collective of artists attempting to establish a stronghold in Montreal for artists to sustain their creative freedoms. Eyes Wide Open cultivates networks of trade and exchange that strengthen the circulation of alternative forms of currency, allowing artists to operate within a knowledge and culture based economy rather than the dominant capital economy that undermines the value of art and creativity.

Born in Montreal, but nomadic for many years, Nirah has recently rooted her passion for creativity in earthworks. Through the practice of permaculture in Alto Paraiso, Brazil, she has established Terra Booma, a sustainable farming endeavour focused on agroforestry and ethnobotanical cultivation.

Nirah shares her poetry, song and spoken word under her artistic name, OneneS. She is a partner of the The Ethnobotanical Sound Lab, and has an ep coming out soon titled A Pattern Language.