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Mandatory Service

Winner of BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM at Tribeca Film Festival in 2008. The cultural impact of Israeli society’s militarization has both challenged and stifled the cultivation of creativity in the country. Mandatory Service asks a series of often ignored questions about how forced military service – and resistance to it – influences Israeli artists’ efforts to re-civilize the consciousness of Israeli society.

The Art of Love and Struggle

In this film, artists, singers, emcees, activists, poets and writers come together in an explosive exploration of feminine creation. Each lady brings to the screen her innermost struggles in an attempt to outline the obstacles that face the female artist.

“The Art of Love and Struggle” navigates the challenges of poverty, politics and personal sacrifice and explores love, identity and urban culture.  Visit the filmmaker’s website.  Reviews “I loved the film. I was extremely impressed, and it exceeded my already high expectations. I loved the message, the passion, and the desire to change the current human perspective. I would definitely recommend it to friends and family, and would never limit it to only hip-hop fans. The message speaks to everyone.” – David Applebaum

“Despite identifying with the voice of independence, empowerment and social justice hip hop provides, women artists are largely invisible to wider audiences. This documentary film by New York filmmaker Jessica Habie provides a format for 14 women to tell their personal stories about the obstacles and struggles to be acknowledged as hip hop artists…The personal diaries and extended interviews with these women are fascinating…listening to these voices and seeing the work of these women provides a new perspective and awareness about what’s going on in this influential culture.” – Linda Frederikson, WSU, Vancouver, WA, Educational Media Reviews Online